Forged Steel Gate Valve

Forged steel gate valves are produced to serve our customers top level when they are fully open or closed. With a planer enclosing surface, these various kinds of valves are simple to operate and keep best. Gate valves are mostly generally applied in obstruct related applications. Where fluids should be stopped or complete quickly. forged steel gate valves are so much useful & in industry or market.

Forged Steel Gate Valves are largely in requirement due to their capability to work under cryogenic temperatures. On request a full forcing strength welded joint is applicable. Our range of forged steel valves includes Forged Steel Gate Valve, Forged Steel Globe Valve, Forged Steel check Valve. He is a main manufacturer of forged steel gate valves in Ahmedabad or all over India.

  Additional advantages of forged steel gate valves:

  •    Designed from one single piece
  •    Hand wheel managed, strapping in design
  •    Super Quality


hastelloy valves

Hastelloy Ball Valve

A number of valves and fitting are available in the market for controlling the flow of the substance. The hastelloy valve are made up of special materials that improve the quality of valves. We provide a number of specifications and features in the hastelloy valves as per the requirement of the client. The valves have special materials for packing them to avoid leakage of the material that is to be supplied or controlled. The main component of the valve is stainless steel to avoid corrosion and increase the durability.

hastelloy valvesSpecial Features:

  • High pressure
  • High and low temperature bearing
  • Reliability
  • High viscosity
  • Anti corrosive
  • Least maintenance

Alloy-20 valves

Alloy valves are fabricated from various alloys that maximize the resistance to sulphuric acid and other commonly used chemicals. The metals included in these alloys are iron, copper, nickel, chromium, etc. These materials make the valves robust and corrosion resistant. Alloy-20 valves are the best solution for those places and industries where they work with reducing chemicals and any other substances that increase the risk of corrosion. We provide a number of specifications in the valves like shape, size and finishing. The valves are finely designed and manufactured under expert guidance to accurately fit the location where they are to be used. They are specially designed to fit in locations where the pressure and flow of liquid or gases is to be managed.

These alloy-20 valves are even customized as per the requirement of the customer.

alloy-20 valves

Key benefit points:

  • Robust body
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide range of specifications
  • High functionality
  • High quality range
  • Smooth finishing
Ball Valve India

Ball Valve India

Our stable resolutions and goal to producing perfect & quality ball valves products leads up at dominant in industries. Also get bright success is goes to our experienced team of manufacturing unit which trying outgrowth much better than actual day to day. The best manufacturing practices and leading quality standards make us most reliable ball valve India for manufacturer and exporter too.

Ball valves manufactured with us are used for gas industry. Mineral industry, petrochemical zone, gas industry etc…
The international quality specifications approved by our team make our ball valves highly competitive for global markets. Assisted by qualified guidance or skilled staff, we are pioneer to hand over specially made and most innovative products solutions to customers. FLOEC Ball valves usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse.

Duplex Steel Valve

Duplex Steel Valve

Our company is a well founded name in this department, committed in furnishing a large gamut of High burden Ball valve to our customers. This High pressure Ball valve is applied in routine service, chemical, oil & gas, refinery, chemical, cosmetics, etc…

The suggested selection is actually popular for its hurried installation, capability, and expected performance. The aim of Duplex Steel Gate Valve  is mainly constructed to start or stop flow & when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction is desired.Duplex Steel Valve

The selection of a duplex gate valve manufactured by us may not only solve the corrosion problem but also contribute to the cost effectiveness of the product because of its high strength.

Salient Features:-

  • Easy accession
  • Accurately arranged/designed
  • Minimum obstruction of falling area
Check Valve, non return valve

What are Non return valves?

Non return valves are also known as check valves. They are specially designed for allowing the medium to flow only in one direction. A non return valve is fitted in the system to ensure that the medium flows in the right direction where the pressure condition may cause a reverse flow which needs to be avoided. The bodies of most check valves are made up of plastic or metal.

check valvesA necessary requirement for the valve to operate is the cracking pressure that opens the valve to enable the medium to flow through. These valves are available in different size and specification as per the requirement of the system. There are different types of non return valves available like spring load, swing type, clapper type, lift-check valve, stop-check valve, in-line check valve and duckbill valve. These valves are used in pumps, chemical plants, power plants, irrigation sprinklers, drip irrigation emitters etc.

There are 3 main type of pressure in regards with the check valve:

  • Cracking pressure: Minimum pressure to start the flow
  • Reseal pressure: Indicates no flow
  • Back pressure: differential pressure between inlet and outlet pressure

Diaphragm valves

Diaphragm valves also known as exist of a value body with two or more gate, a diaphragm, & a “weir or saddle” or seat upon which the diaphragm closes the valve. The valve is put out from either plastic or metal.

Diaphragm valves can be controlled by various types of actuators e.g. manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric etc…

Primitively, the diaphragm valve was making for use in industrial applications. Consequent the design was adapted for use in the bio-pharmaceutical industry by using compliant materials that can put up with purify & sterilizing methods.

There are two most important categories of diaphragm valves: weir or saddle & other seals over a seat. Some times it’s called a “full bore or straight-way” valve. Saddle diaphragm valves are the most usually in process applications & the seat is more used in slurry applications to recede blocking issues but as a process valve too.

Diaphragm valves commonly come in two-gate forms; they can come with three ports too. Its call T-Valves. & more called block-valves.

Technical Specification of Diaphragm valves:-

  • Size Rang : 15 NB through 250 NB
  • Pressure Rating : ASME 125/ 150# / PN10 / PN16 / PN25
  • Type :Screw Down : Fully Rubber Lined / Unlined Body
  • End Connection : Flanged and Threaded
  • Port Opening : Full
  • Gasket & Packing : NA
  • Inspection: 3rd Party / Client / Manufacturer